Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary #9

This was a veryyyy busy week! Unfortunately I had to start my assignments later in the week due to other obligations but I’m proud that I finished! It is definitely much harder to get all this work done late in the week. This week we had to discuss the radio show we listened to, web storytelling, connect 3 daily creates, do 8 stars of web assignments, and re-visit one of our previous assignments.

Discussion of radio assignment:

This week I was able to tune into Super Secret Opinions radio show this Wednesday night! I thought this group did a great job and here is my blog post about it!

Web Storytelling:

This was an interesting assignment but I also thought it was cool to learn something new and tell a story about it!

Daily Creates:

The idea of connecting three daily creates seemed really difficult but I was able to pull something together that was actually quite comical!

8-star assignments:

Web assignments weren’t too bad this week! My favorite was creating a story out of GIFs. I have done a similar one like this in the past but this was my favorite because I got to incorporate Disney characters! This second one I create a how-to video for RateMyProfessors.com.


This assignment was fun because I was able to re-make a previous assignment!

Overall this week was super busy and I was worried I was not going to be able to finish but I was able to and I am happy about it! I officially turned a year older this week so it is a great week! (-:

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