Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary #8

This week was awesome because we were able to finally finish and post our radio show! Check it out!

This show actually ended up being a lot of fun and I was able to get a feel for what an actual radio show is like! We prepped a lot for this radio show, but it was all worth it. The first week was mostly figuring out what we wanted to talk about on our show, and how we were going to split the show into segments. Here was our progress and process throughout the weeks:

The preparation that took place the first week really helped set up for the second week and finally, our radio show itself. I was excited about our female secret agent theme and glad that we could incorporate more than just our class theme into the show. During this show we were able to discuss different topics within the female secret agent theme such as clothing styles, stereotypes and even incorporated a secret agent character.

I am proud of our group for being able to create a show with thoughtful conversation and spread more enthusiasm about female secret agents! Overall the assignment turned out really well and I am excited to see what everyone else thinks of the show!

Daily Creates:

Thursday – Wood & Water!

Friday – Who kidnapped Prince Charming?

Overall this week went well and I am excited to see what next week brings!!

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