Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary #7

Lucky number 7! Overall this week was productive in not only the assignments but also the progress on our radio show, Girl Power! I will start off the weekly summary with our progress thus far on the show.

Our progress for the radio show is going well. We are excited about our topic of female secret agents. We have a strong plan as to what we want to do as far as our show and here are the details!

Additionally, I created a poster ad for our show! This was fun and I think the poster turned out well.


  1. For this 4-star assignment I created a bumper for our radio show! I think the bumper turned out pretty well, and I can’t wait to use it in our show!
  2. This 3-star assignment was also a lot of fun! I created a story about our group and how our progress will look like over the next two weeks.
  3. This 2-star assignment we were asked to use a favorite quote and add music or sounds that go along with that quote. I chose my favorite song ever Its a Beautiful Day by U2.
  4. This last 1-star assignment was a simple one, but interesting. I took 4 of the most annoying noises (to me) and mashed them together into a audio recording and posted it to SoundCloud.

Daily Creates:

Overall this week was not too bad! I think the assignments were fun and I am getting excited about our radio show, Girl Power! I think we are going to be able to produce something really engaging for our listeners, and I can’t wait to see what else our classmates come up with!

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  • Caitlin Holt

    The poster looks amazing! I love how the women and the title pop in red, pink, and white. The black and white cityscape is a perfect backdrop. I cannot wait to hear the radio show! Your sheep facing left looks great, also.

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