Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary #4

Another week in the books! I was pretty excited about the topic being mostly about photography. I have always enjoyed taking pictures as a hobby and I was excited to learn more what others had to say about their experiences as well. For this week I started out by doing some daily creates:

DC 3 – point A to B children’s book

For this daily create we were asked to draw some sort of transportation from point A to point B in a unique way. I had fun with this one and I enjoyed looking at what others came up with!  

DC 2 – combine celebrity to food

For the second daily create I combined a celebrity and a food that was like a run-off of their name. I came up with Ashton Ketchup. Growing up I actually always called him that just as a joke, and I finally got to use that joke for the daily create!

 DC 1 – what would you do with money

For the last daily create we were told we hit it off really well with Bitcoin and asked what would be the first thing we buy…I said clothes! I am always complaining that I don’t have enough clothes so I thought this would be the perfect thing to buy first!

Visual Assignments:

For my first visual assignment (5-star) we were asked to take our favorite movie and retell the story in 10 GIFs or less. I had a lot of fun with this assignment. I think the toughest thing was finding the perfect GIFs to complete the story.

For my second visual assignment (3.5 – star) we were asked to use a picture of the 1$ bill and draw or add something to it to make it unique. I immediately thought of putting a wig on George! I had fun with this assignment and trying different wigs out on George.

For the third visual assignment ( 4 – star) we were asked to put two pictures together to create a message. I thought of many different things to do but ultimately went with a picture of the foresty lands and a picture of a city, to show how we are eliminating wildlife.

Photo Reflection

For this blog post it was nice to reflect on how photography has changed throughout my life and how I go about photography, and how the two readings describe photography as well. I think overall the readings hit some really great points and especially about how a narrative is seen in a picture. I say all the time that a picture is worth a thousand words and they truly are!

Still Shot Story

My favorite movie, again, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I promise I will switch it up eventually! For this blog post we were asked to choose a still shot of a movie related to our theme and then talk about the features of the cinematography. I thought this was an interesting idea to look at the cinematography and relate it back to the readings about photography.

Photoblitzed Challenge

I had a lot of fun with this assignment and I will definitely be using it in the future when I’m bored! I found it pretty simple and entertaining.

Other’s inspired me this week through looking at their blog post, particularly their Photoblitz. I find it interesting what others perspectives are on photography.

Overall this week was definitely a challenge for me. I have a new schedule and I was really not prepared for the amount of time this week’s assignments would take. I’m happy they are done and hopefully more prepared next week!

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