Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary #12

Week 12! This semester is flying by! This week we needed to accomplish a tutorial, 10-star mash-up assignments, 2 remix assignments, mission remix post and two daily creates!

Daily Creates

10-star Mash-up assignments

For this 5-star assignment we had to create a text story with a friend!

For this 4-star assignment we had to mash up our favorite Disney songs. This assignment was my favorite!

For this 1-star assignment we had to create a mash up logo. I also included the tutorial I did for this assignment to this post.


Again, this is a two in one post with the one-star assignment. I chose to put them together so that viewers could see the final product with the tutorial.

Remix Mash-Ups

This first remix mash-up was actually a remix of the logo assignment I did. Instead for the remix I had to create a very cringe-y power-point for the assignment!

This second remix mash-up was an interesting remix. We had to do the opposite of what the assignment asked us to do.

Mission Remix

Here is my mission remix! Excited to see what our mission is.

Overall this week wasn’t too crazy! I think the mash-ups were really cool and I enjoyed working with different applications to create these assignments. Very excited for the upcoming weeks!

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