Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary #11

Finally it is Fri-YAY! This week was ok. I wish the weather would stay consistent but I guess we can only expect so much from VA! Since we chose to do a talk show episode, we really only had three posts this week: Daily Creates, Our video progress, and our weekly summary.

Daily creates:

Mission Ideas:

I had several ideas about what our next mission as a class should be, but I believe some were a bit far stretched so here are a few that we could actually do. I think it would be super awesome to thread a story through all the social media sites that we created for the sites.

Progress of Show:

This is our show progress! I think our group worked really well together in order to come up with this great episode! We all had very similar ideas about how we wanted the show to look, so that also helped. We were able to use a GoogleDoc to create a majority of our ideas since we all have very busy schedules. We were then able to get together in person before we started to film to make sure we had the basic outline figured out for the show.

Here is our final product!

This show was fun to film and to put together! As I mentioned in the Progress of the show, we decided to use an iPhone to record the videos. We split the show up into several segments in order to add in commercials. To do this we simply would do a take, say we will be right back after commercial, and then start filming again. One person would record while the other two would do their interview portion. Then when it came time to have all three of us on screen, we propped the phone on one of our laptops and had the video run while we did the game show. The commercials were also a lot of fun to create. Each of us were able to come up with a commercial to tie into our show. Personally, I love the wiener dog- Heinz ketchup commercial and I think it throws in a little fun just before the game. After we recorded ourselves doing the show and made the commercials, we uploaded all videos to iMovie. iMovie for the Mac makes things pretty simple from there. Once you upload the video(s), all you need to do is put them in order, edit the pieces you do not want in the clips, and add any sound effects or transitions that need to be put in! For this specific project we needed to include opening and end credits, which luckily iMovie provides many options. For the opening credits we places a quick opening description and for the closing credits we also placed the links we used for our commercials along with our names. Tip: transitions are something I have never really worked with before but decided to use them for the episode this time and they actually make a huge difference! Obviously they help with transitions between one clip to the next but it also makes it seem like a real show. Once the show was finalized, we were able to upload it to YouTube and share it to this weekly post!

I am very happy we all decided to go with this episode assignment. Although we did have our work cut-out for us, it was fun to go through the steps of creating a show and I think ours turned out pretty well. I think our show provides good storytelling techniques, conversation and is engaging. I was also able to play around more with iMovie which is very helpful for future assignments.

Can’t wait for next week assignments! Enjoy this GIF that accurately represents my week this week. Which happens to be one of my favorite kid movies, Boss Baby!

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