Weekly Summary

Weekly Summary #10

Week number 10! One week closer to graduation, I cannot wait! Overall this week wasn’t too bad. Here are the daily creates, our group episode update and video essay.

Daily creates:

Episode Update:

Our group is very excited to shoot our talk show next week! This week we took the time to gather ideas and decide what we want to do for our show. Here is the update and here is my trailer:

Video Essay:

Here is my video essay. This was fun to make but also very different from assignments I have done in the past!

This was another very busy week. All these busy weeks are making this semester fly by, and although I am very excited for this semester to be over, I wish I could slow down to enjoy a little bit more. I am excited to start my assignments for next week earlier this time, yes I finally have a weekend to get started on my assignments early!

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