Weekly Summary

Weekly Assignment #5

Week 5! This week was filled with a ton of audio assignments, far from my favorite thing to do! But this is mostly because I have never messed with audio before. When I first saw that we were dealing with audio assignments this week I immediately panicked! Audio is my least favorite thing to do. I tried to download Audacity but unfortunately I do not have enough gig-a-bytes to download it. So I decided to stick to Garageband that was already downloaded to my laptop.

This week consisted of a lot. I will start with the

Daily creates

Day 1: Youth Literature

Day 2:

Day 3:

Overall these daily assignments weren’t too bad! My favorite would be the technology one mostly because I think the meme was funny.

Moon Graffiti

Moon Graffiti was interesting but overall a great way to get exposed to radio podcasts. The videos we watched before this was also a lot of help in pointing out the important features of the podcast.

Radio Bumper

I had a lot of fun creating this radio bumper mostly because I was able to feature my brother! He happened to be in the same room at the time and joined in on the bumper! (-:


This assignment was very engaging and I think that it should be used by other professors for specific assignments. It was awesome to be able to converse with other classmates about the podcast.


Assignment 1 – 90 Second Story. This assignment was so fun! I wish I could have thought of a better idea but I am happy with what I came up with. I think this was also a good step in the direction of learning more about podcasting and radio shows by using different sounds to create a story.

Assignment 2 – Distorted sounds. This assignment was interesting and I tried to keep the sound as simple as possible. This was the first assignment that I was able to play around with the editing setting on GarageBand.

Assignment 3 – Another really fun assignment!
This assignment was so fun! I wish I had more time to create something better, but overall I am happy with how it turned out.

Radio Show Ideas

For this final assignment of the week we were asked to come up with radio show ideas for our future assignments. I didn’t really know what would make a good radio show due to my lack of experience in radio shows, but I came up with a few ideas that might be pretty cool to do.


I think sounds tell a story in a really interesting way. Sounds bring a lot of emphasis to certain scenes of a story and really help with the imagination of how the story is being told. Time and place are able to be portrayed through sounds because they really help in the “painting a picture’ process of the story. The graffiti assignment was a really good example of how sounds help in portraying what was going on in the story.

This Week

Overall this week was another stressful one for me! I am happy to say that next week will be a little lighter. I recently started a new job and it has taken a huge chunk of my time. I really enjoy this class and want to be able to put more time into it, so I am happy that I will gain extra hours next week to dedicate to this class. I think I was a little frustrated at first with the audio assignments but after a while of playing around with Garageband, I have a good idea of how the app works. I can’t wait to start on our assignment for next week!

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