Weekly Summary

Final Mission

It’s here! My final mission! For my final mission I chose to string a story of my character through several social media sites. Here is what I came up with:

Introduction to Nadia’s story:

Nadia’s Trip:

Nadia’s Arrival & Mission:

(Photo of my Instagram picture since it will not embed… https://www.instagram.com/p/BwvHc31l-PE/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet )

Nadia’s Draft Products:

And because my Instagram still is choosing not to embed… https://www.instagram.com/p/BwvHc31l-PE/

Nadia’s Final Project: (may say blocked – so I put the non-blocked one below)

The non-blocked version:

This final mission was a lot of work. The planning portion wasn’t too bad but the execution was. It took several hours to get all the pieces together and creating two movies for Youtube, a Soundcloud and instagram. Although it wasn’t as creative as I would have liked, I think it turned out well. I enjoyed sticking with the theme of uplifting and gaining recognition of female secret agents! I do believe we need to lift females up just as much as males, but it seems in the world of secret agents, males tend to dominate the genre.

To create this final project I first came up with a solid detailed plan as to how I was going to complete the project. This was in my original planning post. I think this planning in detail really helped with the ease of the final mission. Although it wasn’t easy. It took several hours to get not only the videos together using iMovie to put onto YouTube, but also using GarageBand to get the audio together that was put on Souncloud. I also needed to create pictures to post to Instagram, using Photoshop and Canva. Overall I had a lot of fun creating this final mission and I think it really tied a lot of what we learned in this class this semester. Storytelling was something we really touched on in this class through the media and I think my final mission really showed what I have learned. In the first video I did a voiceover/storytelling of Nadia’s life. I think including pictures and videos gave it a nice storytelling touch. I remember when we focused on this a few weeks back when we were asked to do a video essay. I was also able to incorporate the use of audio and different ways of storytelling. For example that one assignment when we had to create a story only using sounds. That is what I based Nadia’s trip to Paris on.

Overall this semester has been great! I am so thankful for this class because it really broadened my resources. I can honestly see myself using several of these platforms and ideas in the future. I really enjoyed the creativity this class had and proud of our class and everything they produced this semester! I never imagined myself ever working with a blog before, but I did it for 14 weeks and loved it. I would say the toughest part about this class is getting all the assignments done in a week. I struggled a lot this semester finding time to complete these assignments. Going to class all day, then Work and back to night class Monday-Wednesday made this even more difficult. But, I did it! And I am proud of myself. I am very excited, yet also have this bittersweet feeling about graduating. We are finally here! Yay!

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