Weekly Summary #13

I am super excited about our final mission! I am also excited that the idea of the project was something that I had in mind when we were coming up with our final mission suggestions. I loved the idea of pulling together a story of some sort into multiple multimedia sites that we created for this course. Overall I have my outline complete and a really good idea of what I want to do. I just hope it turns out alright! When I first read the prompts that were generated to drive our story, I wasn’t all too sure which one I would go with. Or if I would go with any of them at all and just create my own. But after I began to fill out my outline, I realized that this last half of the semester I have been focusing on female secret agents. So, since I have gathered a lot of information on this topic, might as well stick with it.

I bounced around the idea of my character, Nadia, having a mission where she actually runs a female secret agent camp. One that would include both young and older women. I might still consider using this idea, but for now I decided to go with media propaganda.

Here is a detailed outline I came up with, including a diagram of the flow of media use!

  1. Bring the original story of Nadia back to the picture by creating some sort of audio or video using SoundCloud or YouTube this way everyone is up to date on what has happened thus far.
    1. This story leaves off by her heading to Austria for a mission. Lead into what the mission is about…
  2. Then tell the story of the mission through multiple media sites.
    1. FIRST through audio – create a two minute long audio only using sounds to describe her trip there.  SOUNDCLOUD
      1. Sounds in Detail
      2. Nadia wakes up, gets ready
      3. Hops in car with husband to get to airport
      4. Goes though security
      5. Plane takes off – noises throughout the trip
      6. Plane lands
      7. She hops in car
      8. Gets to hotel – we hear elevator and her opening her door to hotel room
      9. She finds a letter and says “what is this”
      10. Once this is finished, somehow let the audience know that the story continues to Instagram
      1. Create a letter that incorporates the mission
      2. Add both the letter and pictures of the objects she has been given for the mission (paint, paper, pastels, easel)
    3. Back to SOUNDCLOUD
      1. Nadia’s mission is to correct the misdirection of propaganda. So she must create new posters.
      2. In this audio, Nadia is trying to decide how she is going to save the inaccuracy of storytelling of female secret agents.
        1. “Maybe I can do this… or that…”
        2. Why did they send me to Italy to complete this mission?
    4. YOUTUBE
      1. For the final piece of the story, this will be Nadia’s plans to save the inaccuracy of propaganda for female secret agents.
      2. This will include posters and a commercial to conclude the mission.

I can’t wait to get started on this final mission! I think it will be a lot of fun telling and finishing my characters story! I also cannot believe next week is our final week of classes. This semester has flown by! Although I am excited to be graduating, there are certainly things I will miss and wish had gone a little slower..

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