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    Weekly Summary #11

    Finally it is Fri-YAY! This week was ok. I wish the weather would stay consistent but I guess we can only expect so much from VA! Since we chose to do a talk show episode, we really only had three posts this week: Daily Creates, Our video progress, and our weekly summary. Daily creates: Mission Ideas: I had several ideas about what our next mission as a class should be, but I believe some were a bit far stretched so here are a few that we could actually do. I think it would be super awesome to thread a story through all the social media sites that we created for…

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    What’s the Mission?

    I believe our next mission should involve several things that we have learned so far this semester (that includes our characters). I like the idea of creating a video collage or a video story of our characters. I have really enjoyed looking and playing with iMovie and think that a mission that incorporated video would be really fun! We could also create a mission that includes all forms of media that we set up for this class such as Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud. Maybe we could create a story of a mission for our character that is threaded through all these sites!

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    Progress/ Wrap-Up

    This post includes our progress this week and wrap up of how the filming went! Last week our group used GoogleDocs to come up with a solid plan. This week our group got together over Google Docs as well as in person to finalize our ideas for our episode “Girl Power”. This episode is a spin off of our radio show that we did, so we continued with the main topic, female secret agents. Here is our basic outline that we put together last week in order to finalize more of the episode this week. We decided to go for more of an Ellen Show inspired show since all of…

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    Weekly Summary #10

    Week number 10! One week closer to graduation, I cannot wait! Overall this week wasn’t too bad. Here are the daily creates, our group episode update and video essay. Daily creates: Episode Update: Our group is very excited to shoot our talk show next week! This week we took the time to gather ideas and decide what we want to do for our show. Here is the update and here is my trailer: Video Essay: Here is my video essay. This was fun to make but also very different from assignments I have done in the past! This was another very busy week. All these busy weeks are making this…

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    Video Essay

    This assignment was interesting! It felt very awkward to talk about the scene as it was rolling but I think it turned out pretty okay. This scene is hilarious, the whole movie is really, but I tried not to chuckle too much during recording. To create this video essay, it was actually quite simple. I figured which movie and which scene I wanted to use pretty quickly. Once I found the video on YouTube I downloaded it using 4K Downloader and uploaded it to my iMovie app. iMovie makes it easy to record over while the video is playing so I did that. Then uploaded it to YouTube! Despicable Me…

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    Talk Show Plan & Trailer

    For one of the assignments this week we had the option to work with others in a group to come up with a video episode. Our group is choosing to do a talk show/game show. Here is a trailer I came up with for our show: Creating this trailer wasn’t too hard. I already had iMovie downloaded onto my computer so I just needed to find videos and music to go along with it. I think the most difficult thing was planning which videos I would want to use and how I wanted to use them. I found some videos of female secret agents from movies and episodes to create…

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    For this re-make assignment I re-created and fixed up the dollar bill! This was pretty simple and I am happy that I got to remix my previous assignment. I added a mustache and horns using PhotoShop on my phone, sent the photo to my computer and uploaded it!

  • Weekly Summary

    Weekly Summary #9

    This was a veryyyy busy week! Unfortunately I had to start my assignments later in the week due to other obligations but I’m proud that I finished! It is definitely much harder to get all this work done late in the week. This week we had to discuss the radio show we listened to, web storytelling, connect 3 daily creates, do 8 stars of web assignments, and re-visit one of our previous assignments. Discussion of radio assignment: This week I was able to tune into Super Secret Opinions radio show this Wednesday night! I thought this group did a great job and here is my blog post about it! Web…

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    My Daily Create Story (Lol)

    So one day a little girl walked up to a Buddha. She said she wanted to know everything there is to know about being a Buddha. He said: Of the Buddha, Truly worthy, Deeply attached, by the life… The little girl was super confused and so she asked the Buddha to rephrase the saying so that she could understand. He refused, so she took his scroll and ran off. The Buddha and his friend ran after her like this: They almost caught her but luckily Lightning McQueen came flying in and saved her while saying “Ch-Ching”! The end. (-:

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    Super Secret Opinions

    The Super Secret Opinions radio show was great! I think their group did a great job replicating what a real radio show is like. They had a lot of good conversation about the secret agent theme and I like how they incorporated real life characters such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Gru, MIB Agents A&K, and James Bond. They did a great job describing each of the characters and their wardrobe. My favorite segment was when they talked about Gru. They discussed whether he was truly a secret agent and how fashionable he was. I think talking about Gru being a sercret agent is interesting because that isn’t his actual…