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    Week #14

    It is here! The final week. This week was a busy one for sure. I still have 2 papers, 1 presentation, 1 project, and 2 exams to go until I am completely finished with undergrad! Overall this week went well in finalizing my plans for my final mission and executing my final mission! I kind of put my final and concluding thoughts of this semester in that post, but I will also reiterate it here. Although I am very excited for this semester to be over, I am actually quite sad! I learned a lot from this class. More than I ever thought I would! I am really excited to…

  • Weekly Summary

    Final Mission

    It’s here! My final mission! For my final mission I chose to string a story of my character through several social media sites. Here is what I came up with: Introduction to Nadia’s story: Nadia’s Trip: Nadia’s Arrival & Mission: (Photo of my Instagram picture since it will not embed… https://www.instagram.com/p/BwvHc31l-PE/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet ) Nadia’s Draft Products: And because my Instagram still is choosing not to embed… https://www.instagram.com/p/BwvHc31l-PE/ Nadia’s Final Project: (may say blocked – so I put the non-blocked one below) The non-blocked version: This final mission was a lot of work. The planning portion wasn’t too bad but the execution was. It took several hours to get all the pieces…

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    Weekly Summary #13

    I am super excited about our final mission! I am also excited that the idea of the project was something that I had in mind when we were coming up with our final mission suggestions. I loved the idea of pulling together a story of some sort into multiple multimedia sites that we created for this course. Overall I have my outline complete and a really good idea of what I want to do. I just hope it turns out alright! When I first read the prompts that were generated to drive our story, I wasn’t all too sure which one I would go with. Or if I would go…

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    Mission Remix

    For our mission we should get into groups and create trailers for a movie. We should then be given a real spy mission to complete, like in detail. How will we complete the mission? We should use multiple social media sites in order to complete the mission. Even work together to come up with the best solutions to tackle the mission.

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    Weekly Summary #12

    Week 12! This semester is flying by! This week we needed to accomplish a tutorial, 10-star mash-up assignments, 2 remix assignments, mission remix post and two daily creates! Daily Creates 10-star Mash-up assignments For this 5-star assignment we had to create a text story with a friend! For this 4-star assignment we had to mash up our favorite Disney songs. This assignment was my favorite! For this 1-star assignment we had to create a mash up logo. I also included the tutorial I did for this assignment to this post. Tutorial Again, this is a two in one post with the one-star assignment. I chose to put them together so…

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    Remix Spaceballs

    So the original assignment was to pick our favorite movie and mashup the best scenes from it which explains the story of that movie. The remix card was to do the opposite of what the assignment said to do. So I decided to do my least favorite movie and instead of mashing up the scenes, I am just putting pictures of scenes together. To create this assignment I simply took pictures of scenes of the movie Spaceballs and placed them in collage form on Word, took a screen shot and placed it in this post! It was pretty simple. I thought it was interesting to do the opposite of an…

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    Remixed Mashed-up Logo

    We were asked to do two remix assignments. This first one we were asked to turn this assignment into a really bad power-point presentation. We were asked to do everything wrong in terms of design, bad colors, dense text, bad graphics. This was super cringe-y to make but here is my remix mashup. Again, super cringe-y to make this power-point but it is kind of funny. I created this power-point in Microsoft PowerPoint and then took screen shots of the slides and placed them in this post. It was simple to create the Powerpoint, I just didn’t like that it had to have bad colors, poor design, and bad graphics.…

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    Oreo One Tutorial

    I decided to do my tutorial for the one star assignment in which we were asked to use one brand’s advertisement for another brand by replacing the logo of one brand with the logo of another. I thought this was a pretty interesting concept so I was excited to try it out! Here is my assignment: Although it doesn’t make a ton of sense, I love oreo cookies and fiber one is suppose to be good for you…so I went with the mash-up! I thought of this combo pretty quickly, and then decided this would be a good assignment to do my tutorial for since I believe Adobe Photoshop Mix…

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    Text Story

    For this 5-star mash-up assignment, we were asked to grab a friend (or two phones and text yourself back and forth) and text each other to tell a story. I thought this was a pretty cool idea because I had seen it done before on Facebook and other social media sites. Here is what my friend and I came up with. It was a pretty silly story, but it was a fun assignment to do. In order to capture our texting back and forth I used the screen recording feature on the iPhone. Once we completed our story I uploaded the video to iMovie and adjusted a few things. One,…

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    Disney Mash-up

    For one of my 10-star assignments I chose to do the Disney Mash-up (4-stars). We were suppose to take our favorite Disney songs and mash them up! Here is what I came up with: To do this assignment I went to Youtube and found three of my favorite Disney songs and worked in iMovie to get them all to mash as best as possible. Believe it or not this assignment took me about an hour or so to complete! I struggled most with trying to decide where to fade in the music and where to fade it out. It was also difficult to find three songs to coordinate and have…