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XOXO Nadia

For this 3-star design assignment we were asked to create a postcard by taking a photo of a location and adding some words. This assignment includes my character Nadia, who has been away on work travel for the CIA.

As far as my character Nadia goes, we last heard that her and her husband John were pulled into the office by their case officer. He sat the couple down and began to explain that Nadia will be re-located to Paris for a bit. The couple begins to ask many questions but the case officer refuses to say much, tells her she will be relocated in the next two days and dismisses them…she has reached Paris and is awaiting an assignment.

I created this postcard through an app called Aviary. I found a photo of the Eiffel Tower, added the boarder, then placed the words on the postcard. Unfortunately this app makes it difficult to place words wherever we like so I saved what I had which was only the boarder and “Paris, France” then took it to snapchat in order to get the flowy “Wish you were here, Nadia!”

This assignment was quite simple but it allowed me to expand my character’s story. I wish I had Photoshop on my pc so that I could play around with more options but the apps I use will have to do!

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