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Check out Nadia Smith’s website!

Nadia, who is currently in Paris waiting for an assignment from her boss, has decided to create an online store while she waits! Her store consists of Fashion, jewelry, watches, eye-wear, fragrances, make-up and even skincare! She hopes to advertise to other secret agents. Nadia wants to open up her products to other secret agents because she thinks they will be helpful in missions. She is also advertising to fans! Nadia wants her fans to be able to wear what she wears on missions, such as the Nadia Smith watch above.

For this assignment, we had to download X-Ray Goggles and create a web story. At first I thought this was going to be a difficult assignment but it turned out to not be too bad! It was pretty straight forward. You simply open on the X-Ray Goggles download and click on what you could like to change. A text box appears at the bottom and you just simply replace the text that you want to change!

I used Chanel’s website to create Nadia’s Website where she is selling clothes, watches, eyewear, etc. while is waiting for an mission from her boss. I really enjoyed this assignment and think the X-Ray Goggles is a good tool that I will use in the future!

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