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Video Essay

This assignment was interesting! It felt very awkward to talk about the scene as it was rolling but I think it turned out pretty okay. This scene is hilarious, the whole movie is really, but I tried not to chuckle too much during recording.

To create this video essay, it was actually quite simple. I figured which movie and which scene I wanted to use pretty quickly. Once I found the video on YouTube I downloaded it using 4K Downloader and uploaded it to my iMovie app. iMovie makes it easy to record over while the video is playing so I did that. Then uploaded it to YouTube!

Despicable Me is a great movie to watch, I highly recommend. The main character Gru is suppose to be a supervillian but I honestly see him being more of a secret agent/spy just by the way he goes about things and goes on different missions. I had fun with this assignment even though it was kind of awkward for me to talk over the video.

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