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Monday night was the first night I ever listened to DS106 radio! Not only did we listen to the radio podcast but we also were able to tweet along with it as well with other classmates. I thought this was an interesting idea and think other professors could benefit from the idea.

When the radio started I was very unsure of how this was going to go. What kind of radio is t going to be? What will we be listening to? What if I lose connection? So many questions running through my mind before it began but once it started I got the hang of what it was gong to be like the rest of the hour.

My first reaction to the podcast was to figure out what it was. The voices over the radio sounded so familiar but then again didn’t all voices sound similar back then? Here are some live action tweets that occurred during the show…

This first tweet was me trying to guess the show:

This second tweet was suggesting that all actors and actresses had similar voices back then:

This third tweet was commenting back and agreeing with a classmate who had suggested it sounded like an old western film:

Responding to another classmate about not being able to hear the audio very well:

Towards the end of the podcast I was able to make out that the show was Douglas of the World. From there I googled it to find out more. This article states that Douglas of the World was a weekly half-hour show that told stories of the adventures of the famed globetrotting reporter Brad Douglas. As far as the technicalities of the show, I think they did a great job of providing an intense and interesting story. The sounds and music that they used really helped emphasize certain aspects of the story. I noticed most of the time the show had background music that kept us on our toes as far as escalating “scenes”.

Overall I think this activity was engaging and I really enjoyed the tweet a long with some classmates. Again I think this is a very interesting idea that other professors should take into consideration for future assignments.

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  • Paul

    I’m glad you enjoyed the live tweeting, and think it’s worth recommending. An interesting point about the assignment is that it came from a student a few years ago. I think that it’s that kind of input that makes this course special.

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