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Super Secret Opinions

The Super Secret Opinions radio show was great! I think their group did a great job replicating what a real radio show is like. They had a lot of good conversation about the secret agent theme and I like how they incorporated real life characters such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Gru, MIB Agents A&K, and James Bond. They did a great job describing each of the characters and their wardrobe. My favorite segment was when they talked about Gru. They discussed whether he was truly a secret agent and how fashionable he was. I think talking about Gru being a sercret agent is interesting because that isn’t his actual title but I think he makes a good agent because he does a lot of secret agent things such as saves the world! They also discuss how great of a character he is, such that he is super kind to his three little girls and tries to best to be a good person.

I also thought it was great that they brought up Perry the Platypus! He is one of my earliest recollections of secret agents in the show Phineas and Ferb. I think his character is often forgotten about because he is so secretive in his missions that he runs – saving the world just about every day!

They had really good placement of their commercials and radio bumpers. I enjoyed their commercial “Re-Caller”, I think it was a very realistic commercial and it made me want to buy the product! I even tweeted that I need a re-caller in my life!

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