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Secret Agent Outfit

For this 3- star assignment we had to create an outfit for our secret agent character. Here is what I came up with:

I created this somewhat of a collage of an outfit for my secret agent, Nadia. I did this by first deciding which clothes I wanted to use for her outfit from the internet. I then took each item and cropped it out of its original photo. I then placed each item where I thought they would fit best or arrange nicely. I tried to make it seem as balanced and appealing to the eye as much as possible. I also tried to eliminate the empty space as much as possible. I thought her all-black attire goes nicely with her occupation as a spy, but now I’m wondering if she needs a second outfit that allows her to fit in with the crowd.

This assignment took some time and the cropping isn’t perfect. I really wish I had the real Photoshop CC on my computer because that would be very helpful! Unfortunately that application is very expensive so the free version will have to do!

Overall this assignment was fun and I enjoyed putting together an outfit! I honestly think I might do this when trying to decide on an outfit for a special occasion and what not! This idea can be very useful in the future, and I am glad I was able to tie it back to my character Nadia who is currently overseas waiting for orders to her next mission.

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  • Paul

    Have you tried using GIMP? It’s a free program some people as a Photoshop replacement. If you’re using WIndows, Paint.NET is also good, and free.

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