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Secret Agent 106

When I think secret agent, the first thing that comes to mind is the typical description of dark hat, dark slick shades, trench coat, cutting edge technology, and secretive attitude. Specific movies and characters that come to mind when I think of secret agent are the Cortez siblings from Spy Kids, agents K and J from Men in Black, and James Bond in Skyfall. These movies are my favorite!

This theme is also a coincidence because over winter break I had the opportunity to go to a party at the International Spy Museum in DC. The Spy Museum had some very fascinating espionage artifacts and gadgets used by real-life spies. With this theme I would like to incorporate some of these espionage artifacts that I learned about.

I think secret agent is an exciting theme because there is so much creativity that can go into it! With this theme we will be able to create identities or different missions and live vicariously through all different types of secret agents.