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For this 4.5-star assignment we were asked to find a cool, easy to use digital tool online. Then write up a brief tutorial on how to use it, and what it can be used for. For this assignment I chose RateMyProfessors! This is a very useful tool for university students. It allows students to look up potential professors to see how they might be good fit for specific classes. Essentially students go onto the website and rate professors and how their semester went. They include the specific class they took, sometimes what grade they received and some sort of description of how the semester went: were there any concerns, was the class amazing..etc. Other ways this site is used, is to search specific schools and how they match up to others. Students will use this as a tool when first looking at schools.


  1. Go to
  2. At the top there is a search bar that says “Search for a professor or school”, here you should enter the school or professor.

Here’s a how-to video I did:

If you chose a school, they will display “Top professors” and “How this School stacks up”. Below this you can view the comments and ratings students have given.

If you chose a professor, it will provide an “Overall Quality” and “Level of Difficulty” (here the smaller the number the “easier” the professor.

Overall this website is a very useful tool, but I also don’t always find it to be accurate. There have been professors I have had in the past who get rough ratings on this site but end up being one of the best professors! The site is very subject, so I always take it with a grain of salt.

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