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Radio Show Story

For this 3-star assignment I told a story of how our radio show was produced. This story was actually a lot of fun!

I created this story by first coming up with sounds that I would use in the story and came up with a brief script- this took the longest. I used to get the sounds onto my computer. I then recorded the story using Voice Memos in segments so that I could add in sound effects within my story. After I saved the 10 pieces of sounds/recordings to my desktop, I then began to place them into Garageband in their correct order. I spliced some of the sounds that were too long.

Overall this process wasn’t too consuming of time, it took me about 45mins to an hour to complete the whole project. I had a lot of fun coming up with the story, I wish I were more creative and made it more secret-agent themed in a way but I couldn’t quite design that and I didn’t want to bore people with a 10 minute story that didn’t make sense in the first place.

I used the Canvas app to create the photo for this soundcloud cover. I like having photos to go with my audio pieces because I think it catches the viewers eye and is the first thing that gets them interested in wanting to listen to the story or music.

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