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Radio Show Ad!

Check out this radio show ad I created for our Radio Show, Girl Power!

I had fun creating this poster for our radio show! I created it using a website called Canvas. It’s a pretty simple website to use, you pick out a background and from there you can add different texts or images that the website provides. The website has options for free objects and also pictures/background you can buy. I like this website because I am able to create nicer-looking photos than the apps I have been using on my phone. I tried to download a photoshop-ish app that was suggested but my computer was unable to download.

I really like this poster because of the contrasting colors. Pink really makes the poster pop, but at the same time the city also catches the viewers eyes. I wish the canvas website had free “female secret agent” symbols I could have used to bring out the secret agent theme, but overall I think the poster is a good representation of what our radio show will be about.

In addition to this poster I also created a radio bumper through one of the audio assignments. I used the poster I created as the Soundcloud’s audio photo:

Both of these will hopefully be used to promote our radio show! I plan to post the poster to Instagram the week of the show to inform viewers to listen!

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  • Madeleine McCullough

    I love the design of your poster and the theme of your group’s radio show! Can’t wait to listen to it next week.

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