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Progress/ Wrap-Up

This post includes our progress this week and wrap up of how the filming went! Last week our group used GoogleDocs to come up with a solid plan. This week our group got together over Google Docs as well as in person to finalize our ideas for our episode “Girl Power”. This episode is a spin off of our radio show that we did, so we continued with the main topic, female secret agents.

Here is our basic outline that we put together last week in order to finalize more of the episode this week. We decided to go for more of an Ellen Show inspired show since all of us are very familiar with her show:

  • Introduction
  • Brief background of the show
  • Interviews with guests
  • Transition into some sort of game (maybe one of Ellen’s)
  • Free giveaway?
  • Conclusion

For the most part, the outline from last week did not change. We did however, end up taking out the free giveaway. Before we began to shoot the film we came up with a list of questions to help guide the major portion of the film, the interviews.

  • What is it like being a female secret agent?
  • How do you believe you are viewed as a female compared to guys?
  • What is your take on the appearance or clothing female agents wear? Why do you think they tend to be sexualized?
  • How would you try to diversify the secret agent genre?
  • Do you think with the increase in media today there is more potential to create a change particularly in regards to women empowerment?
  • How do you think agents like Kim Possible, Elasti Girl, Violet, Mrs. Smith, etc. break the mold and pave way for females in this genre? Or do you believe they tend to conform to the genre?
  • What is the future of female secret agents?

Although we created these questions, the interviewees (Nadia & Juliette) did not have a script to go by, rather answered these questions on the fly to create a more personal conversation rather than scripted.

To create the episode, we used an iPhone to record all videos. For the last part of the show which included all three of us, we propped the phone up in order to get the recording and edited that portion out.

Overall we are very excited to have everyone check out our show! I will be placing our show in my weekly post with more on how the film was produced!

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