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The Photoblitz challenge was interesting! I actually had a lot of fun with it and I will probably use it in the future for photo ideas. When I first opened the link, I saw my challenge, and I just wasn’t too excited about it so I “clicked for another list”. The second list to come up was a bit more interesting so I began. Here was the the first task, with the photos that follow:

The first thing we were asked to do was take a picture of our start time. We had 20 minutes to take pictures of the description.
Second we were asked to make something with our hands that tells a story. I didn’t mean for the picture to flip upside down, but here we are! So here’s a picture that can have many different stories.
Third was “out and about walking”. Here I am outside walking – almost in a hole!
Fourth, interesting shadow! I was starting to run out of time so I thought to quickly grab this bunny and used my flash to catch the shadow.
Something commonly ugly made beautiful. Dust! Definitely ugly but I feel like the dust is sparkling here!
A literal picture of how I feel! With this warmer weather, I’m feeling bright like a sunflower!
Outdoor scene without human artifacts

This Photoblitz challenge was fun! I wish I could have done it on a nicer day but I’ll take it! Even though I felt rushed to get these pictures done, I still had about 8 minutes left when I was finished. I took these photos using my phone, sent them to myself and then uploaded it! I had trouble uploading the photos originally, I think my computer is running out of space. Hopefully I can take some time to delete 4 years of files this weekend so that I don’t run into this issue again!

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