Assignment Bank

Keep Your Eyes Open!

For this visual assignment we were supposed to find a picture of any secret agent we would like. Next, we had to pick a quote from a similar secret agent character. Finally, attribute said quote to a third similar character.

I chose this assignment because it would allow me to be creative and also incorporate our secret agent theme. For the picture, I chose Evelyn Salt from the movie Salt, the quote from Mallory Kane from Haywire and attributed the quote to Susan Cooper from Spy. Although I have never seen the movie Haywire, I have seen the trailer to the movie so I had an idea of who the agent was.

I created the photo and quote by saving the photo to my phone, and used an app called Aviary which has a meme option to place words on a picture. I put the quote in and attributed it to Susan Cooper, then saved the photo again, sent it to my computer to be posted in this assignment post!

I enjoyed this assignment because it allowed me to incorporate our secret agent theme and also introduced me to new secret agents that might come in handy later in the semester!