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Hand Over the Paintbrush

Before listening to this Moon Graffiti podcast I listened to Jad Abumrad’s How Radio Creates Empathy, and I think he really opened my mind to really engage in not only this podcast but also the whole week in general. I am a very visual person, I do not like to just listen over a radio or podcast because I don’t always feel like I can fully understand what is happening with a picture painted. But, Abumrad explains how when something is explained to us over the radio (or podcast for this matter) the listener is handed the paint brush to paint a picture for themselves, but also this “co-imagining” idea that occurs between the listener and the talker. I could really see how this idea played out in this Graffiti podcast as well as the ds106radio podcast I listened to Monday night.

Another thing I have come to realize this week is that it is so important to have relevant sound effects in a podcast. I typically do not listen to podcasts because I am a very visual person but this podcast really made it easy to paint a picture in my head. This podcast had a particular setting so it wasn’t as difficult to envision where they were and what kinds of things were happening. I think what really helped with this was the sound effects were made out to be so real, as well as the “radio” overlay effect that made it seem as if the astronauts were truly hundreds of miles in space. The extraterrestrial music gave it a dramatic vibe and helped with the tone of the podcast. Towards the end when either Buzz or Neil were explaining why they were there, that there may not be hope for them but there will be hope for mankind, also really emphasized how great this exploration was.

Overall I think this assignment was a great way to start the week of audio assignments and helped me better understand the important aspects of podcasting and a reminder of how amazing space exploration is!

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