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Got DS106?

Check out my new Got Ds106? poster!



For this 2.5 star assignment we were asked to re-create a Got Milk? ad poster to go along with Got DS106?. This was actually a lot of fun to create. The most difficult thing about the assignment was finding the best words to replace the original. For this assignment I simply found a Got DS106 ad that I wanted to replicate on Google, then took it to my Photoshop app on my phone. Once I cropped Danica out, I then placed her on a a blue wallpaper. I saved it and then took it to Aviary, my other photo editing app, which is best to use for minor things such as adding words and editing the image. Once that was complete I saved it, sent it to my computer and uploaded it to this post.

I think this assignment turned out really well and I’m excited about it! I even posted on Insta: (again I can’t embed but here is a screenshot)

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