Assignment Bank

Glass Heals to the Ball

For this 1 star assignment we were asked to pick our favorite myth, legend, or folktale, and wrap it up into a haiku.

There was a young girl

Who wore glass heals to a ball

Then married the prince

If you haven’t guessed, my Haiku is about Cinderella! I loved to watch Cinderella growing up on re-peat and till this day I love to watch the new versions of the story. This assignment was short but I also had fun trying to put little words into a larger story. It was like putting together a puzzle that was very unrestricted. When I finally decided which fairy tale I was going to use, I tried to do a Haiku from the start of the story to finish but that became really difficult. So I chose to start the Haiku about a young girl (I wanted to put lady but that was too many syllables), then I explained that she went to the ball and finally married the prince (that she met at the ball).

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