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Girl Power Bumper

I chose to make a bumper for one of my 10-star audio assignments. This assignment is 4-stars. This week we are gearing up to create our radio shows, so I decided to create a bumper of my own in order to help better prepare for our radio show.

This radio bumper wasn’t all too difficult to produce since I have had experience doing it before. I simply found a tune that I liked (a secret agent tune) on and downloaded it to my computer. I then used GarageBand to create my bumper and added in the music with the bumper. In order for the music to fade out while I am speaking, I had to slice the original sound twice where I would be speaking. I then took that piece and turned the volume wayyy down so that you could hear my voice.

The photo I added to the Soundcloud is my poster I created for our radio show, using a website called Canvas.

Overall I thought this assignment helped in our process of trying to brainstorm and prepare for our radio show on the 15th!

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