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Distorted Sounds

I was actually really excited about this assignment because I felt like it allowed me to learn more about Garageband, the app I am using for all audio assignments. For this 3.0-star assignment we were asked to
take a recognizable song or sound, and then turn it into a completely unrecognizable sound. Here is what I came up with, see if you can identify the original sound.

So were you able to figure it out? Well if you weren’t that’s good because the point was to make it unrecognizable! The original sound was actually two strokes on the guitar. I took the sound from and then uploaded it to Garageband where I played around with the sound to make it distorted. Overall this assignment was kinda difficult to do because this was my first time really editing and playing around with a sound using Garageband, but I had a lot of fun creating different versions. Though, this one was my favorite.

Also, the story behind the picture on the soundcloud is something I recently did for another blog assignment in my digital arts class. I have been learning a ton about the digital world lately!

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