Assignment Bank

Code Name: Golden Eagle

Nadia was born and raised in the French Alps by her parents Simon & Adele Deep. She spent most of her childhood skiing and learning to dance. Although she enjoyed these activities, she always wished for more action in her life. After all, there is so much you can do in the Alps. After she finished school she decided to head to America.

She quickly found her way in America and became a ski instructor in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Early one morning she went for a ski run down the slopes for practice before her workday began, when suddenly she is knocked over by another skier!

BOOM, CRASH right into the nearby tree. When she was finally conscious, her head was pounding and she couldn’t move. She was tied to a tree. She was furious! Who would do such a thing!

Turns out a secret agent by the name of John Smith, code name 009, had knocked Nadia over in attempt to capture her. But turns out he has falsely identified her. John explains to Nadia what has happened and apologizes to her. He says that the woman he is trying to find looks oddly similar to Nadia. He asks her if she has a twin, to which she denies. He continues to explain that if they were to find out that he identified and acted on the wrong suspect that he would be put on probation immediately.

Nadia feels bad for John and so she agrees to not say a word about the incident, under one condition. He must teach her all about being a secret agent. He laughs and says no and begins to walk away. Nadia laughs back and says, “You think I’m joking??” and begins to walk towards the lodge to make a call. He scrambles and runs to her and apologies. He says that he wishes he could but he can’t because he going to constantly be on the move and isn’t allowed to have others with him on missions. Nadia still continues to make her way to the lodge. John is furious, but realizes he has no other option. He takes her hand and heads the opposite way of the lodge.

He makes it work and after a year or so of training, Nadia officially becomes a secret agent for the CIA. She is thrilled that her dreams of an action-filled life are finally coming true and is even given a code name, Golden Eagle. Her and John end up getting married and occasionally go on missions together.

One evening the couple were heading out of the office to attend a dinner when their case officer tells them to step into his office…

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