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So unfortunately for whatever reason I am unable to embed Instagram photos into my blog posts, but I am able to provide the links and screenshots of these Insta posts! Here are each of the posts and a description to go along with them:

I took this first photo a few days ago (before the lovely winter storm) and I really enjoyed the colors that were displayed. Sugar Shack is a local donut shop downtown Fredericksburg and they recently added Bubble Tea to their menu, yum! After reading the few resources provided about color, I really got an understanding of the power that color has in a photograph. One question that stuck out was, “what colors work well together?”, and I believe this truly depends on the context of the photo. Overall, I think all the colors in this photo work really well together, and especially the orange that stands out the most, helps compliment the other colors as the eye wonders. Another statement that stood out was from How To Use Color to Enhance Your Design, was, “your choice in color will be one of the first things people notice and could determine whether or not people leave quickly or stick around for more”. I think this is a very powerful statement and something that will stick with me when taking photos.

I took this second photo is from a burger place in downtown Miami. I’ve been holding this photo in hopes it would come handy someday, well it has! This photo is interesting because it not only expresses the typography aspect but also goes along with the metaphors and symbols concept. The typography aspect of this photo has good font that is weighted well and balanced among both words (the way that one sits on top of the other). I like the way that the first word is exaggerated in order to grab the viewer’s attention.

Side note: When I first saw this, I immediately thought of this scene from Forest Gump! One of my favorite movies.

This third picture was taken recently on a trip to the national harbor! It was freeeezing, but a beautiful view of the Ferris wheel. I felt this photo showed dominance because of the vibrant, giant wheel that has great emphasis on the photo. In the article The Principles of Design, they talk about dominant and sub-dominant objects or elements. I would describe the wheel as being the dominant whereas maybe the boats or even bridge could be described as the sub-subordinate object(s).

This third photo was also taken recently in Miami in one of the art studios downtown. I remember taking this photo and not too sure which angle I should take it at but I decided this angle because I felt like it was a good perspective of the artwork. You can really see the effort these figures are putting in with this angle, rather than looking at them straight on (I wish I kept that other perspective). I decided it best fit the form, function and message aspect for a few reasons. For one, you can see there is form put into the photo and the function of the figures. Second, the design itself conveys a message to the viewer. That message is truly up to the viewer to decide what is happening in this photo.

I chose to show the following aspects: color, dominance, typography, and form/function/message. I believe all photos are effective in all four aspects. Overall I found this design blitz assignment pretty fun. I love photography and enjoy learning more about the different design aspects.

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