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Text Story

For this 5-star mash-up assignment, we were asked to grab a friend (or two phones and text yourself back and forth) and text each other to tell a story. I thought this was a pretty cool idea because I had seen it done before on Facebook and other social media sites. Here is what my friend and I came up with.

It was a pretty silly story, but it was a fun assignment to do. In order to capture our texting back and forth I used the screen recording feature on the iPhone. Once we completed our story I uploaded the video to iMovie and adjusted a few things. One, I adjusted the frame, because I had other people texting and didn’t want to have my friend’s name at the top. Second, I adjusted the speed of the video. Because it took a while for my friend to text back at times, I thought this would improve the viewers attention span. Once I completed that, I uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it in this post!

I think storytelling is hard to do sometimes, especially when it is created on the spot without any real script or plan of where the story is going. I think that is what makes this assignment so special!

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