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Tangled in GIFs

For this 5-star assignment we were asked to summarize a movie or story using 10 or less GIFs. If you have ever seen the movie Tangled, see if this matched the story-line! If you haven’t then see if you can figure it out!

Tangled is by far one of my favorite Disney movie. I mean practically any Disney movie can be labeled as my favorite! Anyways, for this assignment I first had to brainstorm which movie I would use. This took a little time because I wanted to find a movie that I knew really well so that I could picture each and every scene. After brainstorming a few options I decided to go with Tangled!

After choosing to go with Tangled, I then needed to brainstorm which scenes I would use that would best demonstrate the story-line. This assignment was a little difficult in that sense because I needed to find GIFs that would make sense or tell enough of the scene I was working on. Overall I think the assignment turned out really well! Although it was a little difficult to find the perfect GIFs for the scenes I wanted, I had a lot of fun putting this together!


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