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Talk Show Plan & Trailer

For one of the assignments this week we had the option to work with others in a group to come up with a video episode. Our group is choosing to do a talk show/game show. Here is a trailer I came up with for our show:

Creating this trailer wasn’t too hard. I already had iMovie downloaded onto my computer so I just needed to find videos and music to go along with it. I think the most difficult thing was planning which videos I would want to use and how I wanted to use them. I found some videos of female secret agents from movies and episodes to create the first part of the trailer, to get the audience engaged in our theme for the show. I then included scenes from Ellen to help show what kind of an episode this show might be. Once I downloaded the videos using 4K Video Developer, I uploaded them into iMovie. I then picked the agent themed music from FreeSounds and placed it in the video.

Our group has discussed what we want to do for our video, but it was hard because we haven’t made the video yet. I guess I feel it was kind of hard to create a trailer without the episode already made! Overall I think the trailer looks good and I am excited to see how our talk show turns out!

Our Plan:
Right now our plan for the talk show is pretty solid! I am excited to shoot the video and can’t wait to see how it turns out. We decided to kind of roll off of our original radio show since three of us were in the same group the last time. We have created a GoogleDoc that has all of our plans in them. The theme will be about female secret agents again but this time we are going to hopefully turn it into a game/interview show. We will be hosting two secret agents. In the beginning we plan to have a sit down talk or interview about the lives of the two secret agents, their thoughts and opinions about female secret agents. We then plan to move the show to more of a game show. Not exactly sure which games yet but the Ellen Show has a lot of great ideas and it will also depend on where we can shoot the video as well. Once the games are over we plan to conclude the show with a special surprise! I am excited to see what we do with the episode, I think it will be a lot of fun to produce!

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