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For this assignment I chose a still shot from a scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. My favorite movie, again, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I promise I will switch it up eventually This photo I feel has a lot of contrast, good balance and background. I think there is a lack of lighting and foreground to the image as well as depth. The photo almost looks as if there was a backdrop behind the characters.

As far as the storytelling goes we clearly see that something major is going on. With the blood stains on Mr. Smith’s and the two of them ready to fire their guns, they are preparing for something to happen. When looking at this photo, without any context as to where these characters might be, you would think they could be somewhere in a forest or somewhere with wildlife. You can also assume they are fighting someone else but in fact they just got done fighting each other. I think there is adequate balance in this picture with both of them on either side and have.  

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