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Remix Spaceballs

So the original assignment was to pick our favorite movie and mashup the best scenes from it which explains the story of that movie. The remix card was to do the opposite of what the assignment said to do. So I decided to do my least favorite movie and instead of mashing up the scenes, I am just putting pictures of scenes together.

To create this assignment I simply took pictures of scenes of the movie Spaceballs and placed them in collage form on Word, took a screen shot and placed it in this post! It was pretty simple. I thought it was interesting to do the opposite of an assignment but I also think it is pretty cool and can help create other assignments. I am not a huge fan of the movie Spaceballs. I saw it once in high school and was so bored watching it, I fell asleep. So I thought I would use scenes from the movie to create the opposite of this assignment.

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