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Oreo One Tutorial

I decided to do my tutorial for the one star assignment in which we were asked to use one brand’s advertisement for another brand by replacing the logo of one brand with the logo of another. I thought this was a pretty interesting concept so I was excited to try it out! Here is my assignment:

Although it doesn’t make a ton of sense, I love oreo cookies and fiber one is suppose to be good for you…so I went with the mash-up! I thought of this combo pretty quickly, and then decided this would be a good assignment to do my tutorial for since I believe Adobe Photoshop Mix is a great app to use for photo shopping pictures for free! Here is my tutorial:

I am a huge visual learner and thought a video of all of my steps was the best way to do this tutorial. I chose not to do a voice over because I often find way more success in tutorials that just let me watch how they do something, not necessarily having to listen to someone explain what to do. Only instances I would want a voice over is if they are explaining a math problem and I am not understand each step.

This video was not hard to complete. I simply screen recorded on my iPhone then uploaded it straight to iMovie in which I added my Disney Mash-up song I created! I felt like I needed to have some music in the background, so I used what I came up with! Once I completed that, I uploaded to YouTube and embedded to this post. Overall this assignment and tutorial were not too bad, and I am glad I was able to finally do a tutorial!

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