Girl Power Progress

So far, so good! This week were able to come up with a majority of what we plan to do for the radio show. We decided on the name “Girl Power” because we want to bring more female secret agents to the spotlight. We hope to bring light to more female secret agents because there is a huge male stereotype around secret agents, for example, James Bond! We began brainstorming ideas for the show earlier this week using a GoogleDoc to form our ideas/posters/bumpers, etc. Our group consists of four members which means we each plan to talk for 5 minutes – for a total of 20-25 minutes. Throughout the show we plan to incorporate bumpers and commercials that we came up with this past week. So far this is our plan for our show: We plan to first discuss the music within the secret agent genre Second, we plan to discuss female secret agents and storytelling Third, we plan to discuss the types of clothes and appearance that female secret agents have Fourth, we plan to discuss “real” secret agents in movies and shows such as Nancy Drew and Elasti-Girl from the movie Incredibles. Last, we plan to discuss how we can change how female secret agents are portrayed. I am really excited to see this show comes together! I think shedding light on to female secret agents is a great idea and works perfect for our group of four women!