Girl Power – Progress/ Process #2

Whew! Lets see how our project progressed over the past few weeks: Week before spring break: My group members and I were put into a group together and immediately began to brainstorm what our topic of interest would be through a GoogleDoc. From the beginning we knew we wanted the radio show to revolve around female secret agents, so we began to brainstorm what topics we could discuss within the female secret agent theme. Here are some of the original thoughts and ideas: In order to create a structured show we created a GoogleDoc to formulate our ideas. We began to design our first segment which was going to be about attractiveness and costumes of female secret agents. We then wanted to integrate “real” secret agents seen in movies or books. The hope is to discuss how or why these characters are so important – and how they rock! Another idea I had since one of our group members is not from Fredericksburg, I thought maybe we could do a “call-in” and have her call in to do the radio show. This ended up working out perfect! Another group member, Christiana, had a great idea to reach out to our fellow classmates about their ideas and feedback. This GoogleDoc was actually very helpful in determining major ideas for our radio show. I think it is a good tool for all group projects in order to have a place to put ideas when its hard to get together in person. As you can see, the ideas are kind of messy but that makes for good idea-building. Before spring break we were also able to make our bumpers and posters for the show. The ones everyone came up worked out perfect and we were able to use them in our radio show! All of the preparation really helped us out for the week we came back from spring break. After break: After break we were able to really solidify what was going to go in our show. Using a GoogleDoc we brainstormed what each section of the show would look like. This took some planning but it really helped when it came time record the radio show. At first as a group we were going to create a script but then we figured that it would be better if we recorded just like an actual radio show. We did however have notes handy in case we were stuck on what to say but luckily never had to use them! After recording our show, we added in our bumpers and commercials using Audacity. Audacity made it really easy to put together all of our segments and then uploaded the mp3 to Soundcloud!